Special Instructions for Driving to the
Free Parking Lot
of The Duquesne Incline

During the Spring and Summer months of 2003, beginning Friday Evening, March 21, 2003 at 10:00 p.m. (EST), one of the normal highway access routes to The Duquesne Incline will be closed for reconstruction. From the end of March through August of 2003, the inbound deck(upper deck) of the Fort Pitt Bridge will undergo complete reconstruction. This bridge, also part of the Penn-Lincoln Parkway-West(or, often simply referred to as the "Parkway-West"), Interstate Route 279, and U.S. Routes 22 and 30, crosses the Monongahela River near the Pittsburgh Point(the confluence of the Monongahela and Allegheny Rivers to form the Ohio River, which geographically defines Pittsburgh's Downtown "Golden Triange").

In general, this will mean that access to and from The Duquesne Incline, via the Fort Pitt Bridge, will not be possible until the end of August of 2003. From Downtown Pittsburgh, the most direct access to The Duquesne Incline will be by crossing the Smithfield Street Bridge at Station Square; CLICK HERE for directions to the Smithfield Street Bridge.

Please note that access to The Duquesne Incline from Station Square(via the Station Square access road or West Carson Street), South Side(via East and West Carson Streets), West End(via West Carson Street), and McKees Rocks(via West Carson Street) is unimpaired.

HOWEVER, access from the North Side, via the West End Bridge, is NOT possible during the Fort Pitt Bridge construction. The West End Bridge is being utilized as as alternate route for southbound traffic that would normally use the Fort Pitt Bridge and Tunnel. Hence, West End Bridge southbound traffic is being restricted to enter the West End Bypass Expressway only. The West End Traffic Circle is not operating normally, at this time.

FROM DOWNTOWN PITTSBURGH AND THE NORTH SIDE, the best way to reach The Duquesne Incline during the Fort Pitt Bridge reconstruction is:

Option A

A-1) Find the Boulevard of the Allies(Early in the Twentieth Century, known as Second Avenue in the Downtown section of Pittsburgh], which is a major east-west "collector street" in the southern section of Downtown Pittsburgh's "Golden Triangle." The Boulevard of the Allies forms the northern border of the "Firstside" area of Downtown.

A-2) Take the Boulevard of the Allies to the intersection with Smithfield Street.

A-3) Turn onto Smithfield Street heading south(towards the Monongahela River), from the Boulevard of the Allies.

A-4) When you reach the Monongahela River, proceed onto the Smithfield Street Bridge, which crosses the river.

Proceed to Instruction Number A/B-4

Option B

B-1) Find Grant Street(major north-south business boulevard) in Downtown Pittsburgh's Golden Triangle and take it to its southern terminus(closest to the Monongahela River); Grant Street flows into the westbound lanes of Fort Pitt Boulevard(NOT presently under construction).

B-2) Take Fort Pitt Boulevard one block to Smithfield Street.

B-3) Turn left onto the Smithfield Street Bridge.

Proceed to Instruction Number A/B-4

A/B-4) Cross the Smithfield Street Bridge, across the Monongahela River, from Downtown to the Station Square section of the South Side.

A/B-5) After leaving the Smithfield Street Bridge, remain on Smithfield Street for another block, until the street ends at West Carson Street. Note that a driveway appears to continue beyond West Carson Street under a railroad bridge and into a tunnel; THIS IS NOT A PUBLIC STREET. This driveway is for Light Rail Subway cars and buses, ONLY, operated by the Port Authority Transit System.

A/B-6) At West Carson Street, turn right. On your left, you will immediately see an incline. THIS IS NOT THE DUQUESNE INCLINE. This is the Monongahela Incline operated by the Port Authority. This Incline has NO free parking lot.

A/B-7) Continue about a mile, going under the Fort Pitt Bridge, until you see the signs for The Duquesne Incline.

A/B-8) Pass the Incline and make the next right turn, at a traffic light, to access the free parking lot of The Duquesne Incline.

For returning to Downtown Pittsburgh,
simply go back the way you originally came.

For more information on reaching The Duquesne Incline, CLICK HERE.

For specific questions regarding vehicular or public transportation detours, to The Duquesne Incline during the Spring and Summer of 2003, send your question to the following e-mail address:

detours@incline.cc >

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